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Wilfrid Laurier University Human Resources
December 9, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Research demonstrates that great leaders have teams with measurably higher levels of employee engagement and commitment, customer service, and productivity.As a part of our focus on supporting and developing our leaders at Laurier, The Extraordinary Leader Development System, a unique, strengths-based development system will be used.

Key components:




Extraordinary Leader Introduction

To provide an overview of the program, understanding of strengths based leadership and knowledge on effective completion of 360 assessments.

Half day prior to completion of the 360

360 Degree Extraordinary Leaders Assessment

To provide managers with knowledge of self-awareness of leadership competency.

Completed by employee identified evaluators consisting of supervisor, colleague and/or, direct reports

Extraordinary Leader Assessment Debrief

To understand the feedback report, increase knowledge of effective leadership and construct an individual development plan connected to organizational needs.

Half day assessment debrief

Taking Action Modules

To explore strategies to strengthen high priority Extraordinary Leader Differentiating Competencies to support organizational priorities.

4 half day workshops, one per month