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September 25, 2017
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The Office of Research Services' Research Facilitators act as faculty members' first point of contact for all external funding opportunities.  Each facilitator works closely with faculty members' with the objective of increasing the funding support for their research programs and ensuring that the highest quality applications are submitted to external funders. 

Research Facilitators undertake a range of tasks, including:

  • Identifying and promoting external funding opportunities to faculty
  • Act as key advisor to faculty on funding agency requirements and deadlines, including political and financial considerations
  • Provide substantive assistance to researchers and/or research teams in the preparation and submission of applications.  This assistance includes detailed, comprehensive critique of the entire grant package, including budget
  • Review and interpret feedback regarding unsuccessful grants with researchers to assist in strengthening future funding applications
  • Serve as a liaison between researchers and the funding agency
  • Facilitate partnerships and collaborations
  • Assist in contract negotiation and review
  • Host workshops on funding opportunities and the successful development of grant applications

For assistance in applying for funding and developing grant applications, contact your research facilitator:

David Cuff, PhD Research Facilitator (Social Sciences and Humanities) extension 4747

Amy Hackney, PhDResearch Facilitator (Natural Sciences) extension 4662

Shane Dixon, PhD Research Facilitator (Brantford) extension 5564

Sean Lockwood, PhD Research Facilitator (Balsillie School of International Affairs) extension 3479

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