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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
October 24, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Dr. Vivienne Vance

Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Advisor, Health Sciences

Contact Information
Phone: (519) 884-0710 ext.2122

Office Location: BA439

Academic Background

B.A. (WLU), MSc. (Waterloo), PhD (Waterloo), Postdoctoral Fellow (School of Public Health and Health Systems, Waterloo) 


Courses Taught - 2015 / 2016
HE 100 - Health Issues I
HE 330 - Human Nutrition and Health
HE430 - Nutrition and Chronic Disease
Research Interests:
My broad research interests encompass nutrition, obesity and chronic disease prevention and management. I am currently working in the area of nutrition and breast cancer survivorship, with a focus on relationships between dietary changes after diagnosis, body composition, disease recurrence and long-term survival.
Selected publications:
Vance, V., Campbell, S., McCargar, L. et al. (2014). Dietary changes and food intake in the first year after breast cancer treatment. Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, 39(6), 707-714.
Bell, K., DiSebastiano, K., Vance, V. et al (2014). A comprehensive metabolic evaluation reveals impaired glucose metabolism and dyslipidemia in breast cancer patients early in the disease trajectory. Clinical Nutrition, 33(3), 550-557.
Vance, V., Mourtzakis, M., McCargar, L., & Hanning, R. (2011). Weight gain in breast cancer survivors: prevalence, pattern and health consequences. Obesity Reviews, 12, 282-294.
Vance, V. A., Woodruff, S.J., McCargar, L. J., Husted, J. & Hanning, R. M. (2008). Self-reported dietary energy intake of normal weight, overweight and obese adolescents. Public Health Nutrition, 1-6.
Vance, V. A., Hanning, R., & McCargar, L. (2007). 2006 Canadian clinical practice guidelines on the management and prevention of obesity in adults and children. Chapter 12: Combined diet and exercise therapy for the treatment of obesity in adults. Canadian Medical Association Journal, 176(8),