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December 5, 2016
Canadian Excellence
Húsafell, Iceland, 2006

Dr. Anne Brydon

Associate Professor

Contact Information
Phone: 519-884-0710 ext.3529#

Office Location: 4-147 Woods Bldg.

Academic Background

PhD in Anthropology, McGill University 1992
MA in Anthropology, McMaster University 1987
BA Honours in Music, University of Western Ontario 1980

I engage in critical interpretive cultural analysis, with a focus on the cultural, political, and environmental legacies of modernity in Iceland and Canada. I trace these legacies by means of an interdisciplinary engagement with the dynamics of power and representation; with artistic re-imagining of changing social relations with nature, science, and technology; and with literary, auditory, and visual environmental criticism. I continue to conduct multi-sited ethnographic and virtual fieldwork, in Iceland, Canada, and western Europe.

Since 1988, I have researched the cultural politics of environmental issues in Iceland. I first studied the nationalist framing of debates about whale hunting sparked by international protests against Iceland’s whaling industry. More recently, I have focused on the Icelandic environmental movement that arose to protest hydroelectric development in the highland wilderness at Kárahnjúkar. In other work, I co-edited with Sandra Niessen Consuming Fashion: Adorning the Transnational Body (Berg 1998). I have also written catalogue essays on several artists, including Eleanor Bond, Joan Perlman, William Eakin, Wanda Koop, and Louise Jonasson. In 2000 I curated At Last Sight, an exhibit (with catalogue) of photographic work by Arni Haraldsson, held at Museum London (Canada) and the Winnipeg Art Gallery of Manitoba.

Some of my publications may be viewed or downloaded via Scholars Commons @ Laurier and


Selected Publications

2016 ”Reconciliation and Justice in Zacharias Kunuk's Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner." Screening Justice: Canadian Crime Films and Society. Steven Kohm, Sonia Bookman, and Pauline Greenhill, editors. Fernwood Press. forthcoming.

2015 "Queering the Modern: Kent Monkman and Urban Res Studies." Urban Res Studies: Kent Monkman. Waterloo: Robert Langen Art Gallery. Pp. 44-53.

2014 "Water and Tower Allegory." Patrick Mahon: Water Structures. Hamilton, Waterloo and Winnipeg: McMaster Museum of Art, Robert Langen Gallery and Gallery 1C03.

2012 "Generations in Iceland." Generation X Goes Global: Mapping A Youth Culture in Motion. Christine Henseler, editor. Routledge.

2010 "Sentience." Conversations with Landscape. Katrín Anna Lund and Karl Benediktsson, editors. Afterword by Tim Ingold, Farnham, UK: Ashgate.

2010 "Mourning Mothers and Seeing Siblings: Feminism and Place in The Juniper Tree." (with Pauline Greenhill) Fairy Tale Film and Cinematic Folklore: Fantastic Voyages, Monstrous Dreams, and Wonderful Visions. Pauline Greenhill and Sidney Eve Matrix, editors. Utah State University Press.

2009 "Fashion." Women's Folklore and Folklife: An Encyclopedia of Beliefs, Customs, Tales, Music, and Art. E. Locke and Vaughan, editors. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO. vol. 1.

2007 "And Earth of Water: The Art of Joan Perlman"/„Og Jörđin af Vatni: Listsköpun Joan Perlman"  Element: The Art of Joan Perlman. Icelandic translation by Steinunn Einarsdóttir, Jón Proppé and Hörđur Zophaniasson. Hafnarborg.

2006 "The Predicament of Nature: Keiko the Whale and The Cultural Politics of Whaling in Iceland." Anthropological Quarterly 79(2): 225-260.

2003 "Representations of Crime: Showing the Paintings of John Wayne Gacy in Winnipeg." (with Pauline Greenhill) Crime's Power: Anthropologists and the Ethnography of Crime. S. Kane and P. Parnell, editors. New York: Palgrave/St. Martin’s Press. Pp. 145-172.

2003 "Intimate Dwelling: Finding Our Way Home." Home Show. Winnipeg: Winnipeg Art Gallery. Pp. 19-27.

2002 "Reykjavík." Encyclopedia of Urban Cultures. Melvin Ember and Carol Ember, editors. New Haven: Human Relations Area Files. Vol 4, pp. 10-22.

2002 „Lýđrćđi lyktar af táragasi ţessa dagana" ("Democracy Smells of Teargas These Days"). Ţórunn Sigurđardóttir, translator. Tíđarandi í Aldarbyrjun (The Spirit of the New Millennium). Reykjavík: Lesbók and Atvík. Pp. 108-123.

2001 „Mótmćlt, Náttúra, og Módernisma" ("Protest, Nature and Modernism"). Brynhildur Björnsdóttir and Ţórunn Sigurđardóttir, translators. Tímarit Máls og Menningar (Journal of Language and Culture) 2(62): 45-49.

2001 "Dreams and Claims: Icelandic-Saulteaux Interactions in the Manitoba Interlake." Journal of Canadian Studies 36(2): 164-190. (reprinted in Icelandic-Canadian Magazine 58(3): 105-124).

1998 Anne Brydon and Sandra Niessen, eds. Consuming Fashion: Adorning the Transnational Body. Providence and Oxford: Berg Publishers.

1998 "Sensible Shoes." Consuming Fashion: Adorning the Transnational Body. Anne Brydon and Sandra Niessen, eds. Providence and Oxford: Berg Publishers.

Additional Information


Fall term 2016

HI290 History of Modern Art: Making It New                                

This course explores the styles, schools and movements of Western art during a dynamic period of innovation in art and social mores, from the 1860s to the 1960s. Among topics discussed are: art for art’s sake and the rise of the middle class; utopian architecture and design in the aftermath of two world wars; the avant-garde and social reform; and Pop Art and mass culture. Artistic activity is examined in relation to changing ideas, technologies and world history to consider why modern art is so different from what came before. (formerly HI299b)

MU310/HI389 Music, Sound and Environment                              

An exploration of music and sound in relation to natural and human environments and environmental issues. Students will gain insight into the historical and contemporary ways music engages and defines nature, and develop an analytical approach to understanding and managing sonic environments. Topics may include: the pastoral; place-based music; music and environmental activism; preservation of soundscapes; noise pollution; sounds of transformation/devastation.

Winter term 2017

CS403v Understanding Material Culture

EN220 Reading Culture: Strategies and Approaches