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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
March 30, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Dr. Hae Joo Kim

Assistant Professor (Marketing)

Contact Information
Phone: 519.884.0710 ext.4184
Fax: 519.884.0201
Office Location: P3022
Office Hours: By appointment
Academic Background
BA, BBA (Ewha Womans University), MBA (Seoul National University), PhD (University of Toronto)

Hae Joo Kim is an assistant professor of marketing at Wilfrid Laurier University. She is primarily interested in how subtle environmental cues can nonconsciously affect consumer judgment and behaviour. Using experimental methods, she examines whether features of a product, store environment, or advertisement can affect consumer decision-making through the operation of nonconscious goals, low-level affect, or processing fluency. Her research offers insight into building effective advertising, market research, and branding strategies.

Hae Joo’s research has been published in Psychological Science and has been presented at academic conferences such as the Association for Consumer Research, the Society for Consumer Psychology, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, and the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada.

Prior to coming to Canada, Hae Joo briefly worked as a research analyst at Samsung Economics Research Institute in South Korea. Her teaching interests include Introduction to Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Communications, and Marketing Research.


Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Goals and Motivation, Nonconscious Processes, Social Marketing