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December 5, 2016
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The Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies is responsible for the appointment of postdoctoral fellows at Wilfrid Laurier University. The Office provides information, administrative support, and advocacy, as well as helping to facilitate enrolment, placement and training opportunities for postdoctoral fellows. FGPS is dedicated to providing an equitable and sustaining environment for Postdoctoral Fellows, in which they can pursue academic, teaching, and research goals in individual and collaborative contexts, and continue to progress as scholars.

Postdoctoral Fellowships at Laurier are informed by the same core values evident in the university's stated values, vision, and guiding principles. The university's focus on integrated communities of learning and application, cultures of diversity and inclusivity, community and global engagement, the importance of purpose and citizenship, inform the Postdoctoral experience. It is expected that postdoctoral fellows will in turn contribute to Laurier's core principles and institutional domains, as laid out in the Academic Plan 2010-2015.

Regulations, events and opportunities are posted on this website, and current and prospective postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to visit frequently for updates.

People at Laurier

Dr. Sara Koopman, Postdoctoral Fellow, Balsillie School of International Affairs My research project builds on my arguments for an altergeopolitics by asking what an alterbiopolitics might be, and how the two might work together to foster peace, rather than war. To do so I am looking at a practice that appears to engage in both, and extending my dissertation research by creating a public digital archive of stories from conflict zones in Colombia shared by international accompaniers, and engaging in an online collaborative analysis with accompaniers themselves of what stories had the most impact and what worked well in those stories. I am also interviewing some of the Colombians profiled, with a focus on how sharing their story affected their personal security. I intend to propose best practices for sharing stories online from conflict zones for the purpose of creating alternative securities through solidarity.

Dr. Sara Koopman
Postdoctoral Fellow, Balsillie School of International Affairs