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October 20, 2017
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Dr. Greig de Peuter

Assistant Professor

Contact Information
Phone: 519-884-1970 ext.2501

Office Location: DAWB 3-148
Office Hours: W15: Thursdays 2:30-3:30pm
Academic Background



Greig de Peuter's areas of research interest include the political economy of communication; autonomist Marxism; labour, employment, and workers’ organizations in the creative industries; the political economy of video games; and alternative economies. He is collaborating with Enda Brophy and Nicole Cohen on a SSHRC-funded research project--Flexible Workforces Respond to the Creative Economy: The Recomposition of Labour Politics in an Age of Precarity (2011-2014). He was a recipient of doctoral and post-doctoral SSHRC fellowships, and he has been a visiting scholar at New York University. Alongside his academic work, he has been involved in alternative education and curatorial projects, including Toronto School of Creativity & Inquiry (2005-2010) and, currently, Letters & HandshakesHe received his PhD from the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University.


Cultural Workers Organize

Courses taught

CS203 Conceptual Issues in Communication and Culture
CS350 Political Economy of Communication and Culture
CS400u Work and Cultural Industries
CS653 Video Game Studies


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Selected recent publications

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