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December 4, 2016
Canadian Excellence
Welcome to Experts at Laurier, a one-stop media resource featuring a broad database of experts who have agreed to make themselves available for media interviews. Contact them directly or call a media relations officer at 519-884-0710, ext. 3067 or 3070.

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Robin Waugh

Professor (on Sabbatical Leave)

Areas of Expertise: Medieval language and literature; Literary theory; Media studies; Media theory

Biography: Books: …

519-884-0710 ext.3712

Anne Wilson

Professor, Psychology

Areas of Expertise: Identity and well-being over time; Beliefs about personal change; Autobiographical memory; The psychology of subjective time; Future thinking and mental simulation; Goal-pursuit, motivation and resolution-setting; Short-term and long-term motivations for behaviour; Motivation to exercise and to eat better; Motivations for environmentally sustainable behaviour and beliefs about climate change; Interpersonal transgressions and beliefs about morality; Subjective perceptions of stigmatized groups and inequality; Body image, sociocultural norms for appearance; Media and sociocultural norms; Subjective perceptions of space and locations

Biography: I am a professor at Wilfrid Laurier University and part …

(519) 884-0710 ext.3037

Maria DiCenzo

Professor and English Undergraduate Advisor

Areas of Expertise: Feminist Media History; Political and Alternative Theatre; Women's Social Movements

Biography: Research Interests: …

519-884-0710 ext.3985

Andrew Lyons

Professor Emeritus

Areas of Expertise: Politics, religion and society in West Africa; Mass media in African society; Eugenics and scientific racism; Sexuality in other cultures

Biography: History of anthropology, symbolic anthropology, representations of sexuality, legal anthropology, the anthropological study of mass media. Geographical area: Africa.

Monica Stellin

Associate Professor, Italian Studies Coordinator

Areas of Expertise: Italian Literature of Migration; Italian Canadian Studies; Italian culture and society in the media; Canadian vs Italian Multiculturalism;

Biography: Other Positions:  …

(519) 884-0710 ext.2400

Kenneth Werbin

Associate Professor, Digital Media and Journalism; Society, Culture, and Environment; Cultural Analysis and Social Theory; Social Justice and Community Engagement (Sabbatical 2014-2015)

Areas of Expertise: Digital media and culture; Social media; Political economy of communication; Privacy; Surveillance; Digital media and journalism

Biography: Research Interests: …

519.756.8228 ext.5732

Simon Kiss

Associate Professor

Areas of Expertise: Canadian politics; Canadian political parties; The media's role in public policy; Public opinion; Environmental politics;

519.756.8228 ext.5936

Paul Heyer

Professor Emeritus

Areas of Expertise: Media history (film, radio, television); The Titanic disaster; Orson Welles; Media representation of island survivor stories: Robinson Crusoe to Lost

519.884.1970 ext.2360

Herbert Pimlott

Associate Professor, Communication Studies, MA CAST

Areas of Expertise: political communication (Canada, UK); alternative and radical media; social movements and media (including social media); journalism and print communication (versus digital media); post-secondary issues (Canada, UK)

Biography: Dr. Pimlott has taught communication and cultural studies at four different higher education institutions in Greater London, UK, while doing freelance editorial work and conference organizing. …

519.884.1970 ext.2522

James Wong

Associate Professor

Areas of Expertise: History and sociology of teen pregnancy; Media construction of social problems; History and philosophy of science

Biography: CV

519.884.1970 ext.3942

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