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September 23, 2017
Canadian Excellence
Welcome to Experts at Laurier, a one-stop media resource featuring a broad database of experts who have agreed to make themselves available for media interviews. Contact them directly or call a media relations officer at 519-884-0710, ext. 3067 or 3070.

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Byron Williston

Associate Professor & Undergraduate Advisor

Areas of Expertise: Environment and ethics; Climate change; Religion; Atheism; Modern Philosophy

519-884-0710 ext.3686

Marc Kilgour

Professor, Mathematics

Areas of Expertise: Multiple-person, multiple-objective decisions including game theory; Multiple-criteria analysis; International strategy; Arms control; Environment management; Fair division; Strategic analysis of voting systems; Strategic analysis of negotiation

Biography: Research Interests: Game theory; decision theory; operations research and mathematical modeling; probability theory and theory of statistics; negotiation and negotiation support; environmental management

519.884.0710 ext.4208

J. Richard Elliott

CAS Instructor, Mathematics

Areas of Expertise: Regression and time series analysis of environmental and biological data; Teaching statistics; Use and interpretation of statistical techniques

Biography: Research Interests: Application of statistical methods, especially time series and regression analysis, to environmental data.

Scott Smith

Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Areas of Expertise: Environmental Chemistry; Water treatment; Metal toxicity; Metal speciation; Phosphate analysis; Fluorescence spectroscopy; Chemometrics

Biography: I obtained both my PhD and BSc in Geochemistry from the geology department at McMaster University.  My position at Laurier is very rewarding, both in terms of research and teaching. My current NSERC-funded research program involves the environmental…

519.884.0710 ext.3046

Anne Wilson

Professor, Psychology

Areas of Expertise: Identity and well-being over time; Beliefs about personal change; Autobiographical memory; The psychology of subjective time; Future thinking and mental simulation; Goal-pursuit, motivation and resolution-setting; Short-term and long-term motivations for behaviour; Motivation to exercise and to eat better; Motivations for environmentally sustainable behaviour and beliefs about climate change; Interpersonal transgressions and beliefs about morality; Subjective perceptions of stigmatized groups and inequality; Body image, sociocultural norms for appearance; Media and sociocultural norms; Subjective perceptions of space and locations

Biography: I am a professor at Wilfrid Laurier University and part …

(519) 884-0710 ext.3037

Chris Klassen

Contract Academic Staff

Areas of Expertise: Feminist theory; Contemporary Paganism; Environmental ethics; Disability studies; Popular culture; Women and religion

519 884 0710 ext.3626

Simon Kiss

Associate Professor

Areas of Expertise: Canadian politics; Canadian political parties; The media's role in public policy; Public opinion; Environmental politics;

519.756.8228 ext.5936

Debora VanNijnatten

Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science; North American Studies Program

Areas of Expertise: Environmental policy and politics (especially Canada and the U.S.); Canadian politics; American politics

Biography: Comparative public policy, environmental policy. Dr. VanNijnatten's current research addresses several aspects of Canadian and American environmental policy, including air quality and climate change policy, transboundary institutions and state-province…

519-884-1970 ext.3841

Lucy Lee

Adjunct Professor

Areas of Expertise: Environmental toxicology; Cell biology; Tissue culture; Development of fish and shellfish cell lines; Histology; Proteomics; Aquatic pathogens

Biography: Taught Histology and Developmental Biology at Acadia University 1988-1989 …

1 604 851 6346

Michael P. Wilkie

Professor, Biology

Areas of Expertise: Environmental physiology; Fish physiology and metabolism; Sea lamprey biology; Fish gill structure and function; Toxicology of waterborne metals to fishes; Toxicology of sea lamprey pesticide

Biography: Research Program …

519.884.1970 ext.3313

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