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October 25, 2016
Canadian Excellence
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Richard Walsh

Professor Emeritus, Psychology

Areas of Expertise: History and philosophy of psychology; Professional and research ethics; Electoral politics

Biography: Interests: Community psychology. Critical history, ethics, and philosophy of scientific and professional psychology. Spiritual and religious development. Drama and theatre. Dr. Walsh Bowers Personal Website

Roger Buehler

Professor, Psychology

Areas of Expertise: Social psychology; Social cognition; Memory and prediction;

Biography: I am a faculty member in the Social Psychology program. My research interests lie generally in the areas of social cognition and the self. I focus on people's thoughts about themselves through time, including their memories,…

(519) 884-0710 ext.3036

Eileen Wood

Professor, Psychology

Areas of Expertise: Developmental psychology; Cognitive development; Technology in the classroom; Sex-role socialization; Dating relationships; Sex education;

Biography: Interests: Cognitive development, memory strategies, learning in the classroom, computer instruction, technology in the classroom, educational applications of cognitive and developmental theories. Secondary interests include sex-role socialization, dating…

(519) 884-0710 ext.3738

William Hockley

Professor, Psychology

Areas of Expertise: Cognitive psychology with a focus on human attention and memory; Recognition decision processes; Memory for different attributes of experience

Biography: My research program, funded by NSERC, has focused on issues related to recognition memory. In particular, I have been interested in distinguishing between decision-based and memory-based influences on recognition performance. Recent work includes studies…

519-884-0710 ext.3737

Geoff Nelson

Professor, Psychology

Areas of Expertise: Community psychology and community mental health - prevention and mental health; Promotion programs for children and youth; Community development; Self-help/mutual aid; Housing for people with mental health problems

Biography: Geoffrey Nelson is Professor of Psychology and at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario. He has served as Senior Editor of the Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health and Chair of the Community Psychology Section of the Canadian Psychological…

(519) 884-0710 ext.3314

Elizabeth Olds

Associate Professor, Psychology

Areas of Expertise: visual attention; human attention; visual perception; psychology; psychophysics

Biography: Research in my lab investigates how certain portions of the visual scene are selected for in-depth processing, while others are virtually discarded. We investigate selection by having observers perform a variety of tasks, including visual search, probe…

(519) 884-0710 ext.3040

Anne Wilson

Professor, Psychology

Areas of Expertise: Identity and well-being over time; Beliefs about personal change; Autobiographical memory; The psychology of subjective time; Future thinking and mental simulation; Goal-pursuit, motivation and resolution-setting; Short-term and long-term motivations for behaviour; Motivation to exercise and to eat better; Motivations for environmentally sustainable behaviour and beliefs about climate change; Interpersonal transgressions and beliefs about morality; Subjective perceptions of stigmatized groups and inequality; Body image, sociocultural norms for appearance; Media and sociocultural norms; Subjective perceptions of space and locations

Biography: I am a professor at Wilfrid Laurier University and part …

(519) 884-0710 ext.3037

Christopher F. J. Ross

Associate Professor

Areas of Expertise: Psychology of religion; Personal needs and religion; Personality and religion; Effects of conflict on children; Psychotherapy; Religion and social justice; Gender and religion; Concepts of self in different cultures and settings; Images of God or the divine

Biography: Research Interests: …

519-884-0710 ext.3679

Kimberley Dawson

Professor, Kinesiology & Physical Education

Areas of Expertise: Sport psychology; Sport psychology - performance enhancement, motivation, mental skills training; Exercise psychology - adherence, rehabilitation, compliance, goal setting, program evaluation; Exercise and fibromyalgia; Children in sport; Behaviour modification;

Biography: My academic interests cover the sport, exercise, and health domains.  I attempt to understand how psychological variables such as perceived control, attitudes, and self-efficacy affect individual's participation in physical activity.  I work…

519-884-0710 ext.4155

Jill Tracey

Associate Professor, Kinesiology & Physical Education

Areas of Expertise: Psychological recovery from injury and rehabilitation; Sport psychology; Sport psychology consulting/performance enhancement; Enhancing health and physical activity behaviours across the lifespan; Retirement from sport and lifelong health and physical activity.

Biography: My research program is focussed on the psychology of injury and psychological recovery from injury. I am interested in studying the many psychosocial issues involved in injury and rehabilitation, in particular the emotional recovery from injury and the…

519-884-0710 ext.4216

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