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September 25, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Malcolm Saulis

Associate Professor

Contact Information
Phone: 519-884-1970 ext.5231

Office Location: FSW-318

Academic Background
BA Honours (St. Thomas), MSW (WLU)

Prof. Saulis is a First Nations scholar who holds the honouring of Indigenous knowledge in academic contexts as his most important work. The validation of Indigenous knowledge contained in a corresponding worldview and ceremonial practices is important to both the education and professional development of Aboriginal professionals who are charged by their traditions to keep the Traditional knowledge alive and vital. With this in mind he has been working for many years on the evolution of an Aboriginal Wholistic Traditional Research paradigm and process. He and his colleagues have been using this process in studies of social policy, health related issues, corrections issues, child welfare programs and practices, and restorative justice areas. He has been consulted widely by governments on matters associated with Aboriginal populations, in order to engage in the development of programs and policies which are ultimately respectful of Aboriginal people. He has worked hard on his own Indigenous development by having Elders who teach him Traditional knowledge and processes and who carry out ceremonies to help him be a "good" person, which he then in turn provides to other people. He is a traditional Circle Keeper.