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January 18, 2017
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EdTech assists faculty, students and staff in the use of technology for teaching and learning. The department supports a number of enterprise technologies (e.g., MyLearningSpace, iClicker, Adobe Connect, but also explores new technologies to examine their potential for use in teaching. While the work of the department is in large part technical, the focus is pedagogical looking at desired outcomes, and then determining if a technology can help achieve them. The mandate of Educational Technologies is to:

  • collaborate with CTIE units to support and drive the use of technologies in traditional and nontraditional educational opportunities
  • provide a proactive approach to training and support of adopted educational technologies
  • explore and experiment with emerging technologies, with a critical eye to supporting educational outcomes
  • provide sound pedagogical support for existing and emerging technologies.

Educational Technologies staff provide support for technologies that support and enhance the teaching and learning experience at Laurier.

Need help with an aspect of MyLearningSpace? 
Not sure how a MyLearningSpace function works? 
Not sure how to best use MyLearningSpace from a pedagogical standpoint to support your course? 
Want to use clickers in your classroom teaching, but not sure how they work? 
Want to try something completely new?
Maybe you'd like to use podcasting or other Web 2.0 technologies in your teaching, but need more information.
Ed Tech can help.




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Workshops, drop-in hours and training sessions are offered each term by the Educational Technologies team.