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October 20, 2017
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Laurier students who worked on LGBTQ+ study say many challenges still exist in Waterloo Region
(Headline - Oct 05)
Laurier opening new research office in Yellowknife
(Headline - Sep 25)
Laurier opening new research office in Yellowknife
(Headline - Sep 19)
Federal environmental scientist to work with Laurier to enhance northern aquatic ecosystems research
(Headline - Sep 13)
Laurier researchers receive $1.2 million in funding from Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
(Headline - Sep 13)
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People at Laurier

Dr. Li Wei, Department of Physics & Computer Science As the 2007 recipient of the Grace Anderson Research Fellowship, Li will be designing an optical interleaver which packs a large number of signals with different wavelengths for transmission in optical communication networks and then unpacks the signals at the receiving end. In addition to potentially significant improvements in performance and functionality for optical networks, the research project will provide a new method for design optimization of GTE-based optical devices. Li is a key faculty member in Laurier's unique undergraduate Photonics program.

Dr. Li Wei
Assistant Professor,
Department of Physics & Computer Science