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December 9, 2016
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Les plaisirs de la table 2006

Oct 27/06

The 3rd Salon de la gastronomie francophone held on Friday, October 27, 2006, was a great success.

A variety of francophone countries were represented:
•    Switzerland with a delicious " fondue suisse "
•    Louisiana  with a delectable " jambalaya "
•    New Orleans with the famous " hush puppies "
•    Belgium  with a very tasty " salade liégeoise " as well as "endives au gratin "
The class definitely showed that they have a sweet tooth! The dessert table was indeed attractive and very tempting, and the choice was amazing :
•    For France, we had the silky " mousse au chocolat " also the " tartes aux pommes "
•    Mauritius Island offered us a healthy " salade de fruits exotique "
•    There was an "apple custard " full of flavour and, from Guyana, "Rochers Coco"

Thanks again for everyone who showed up during this busy time of year and, of course, a big thank you goes to the chefs as well as the helpers at the end who helped to clean up.

– Professor Chantal Dion


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