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December 4, 2016
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Wilfrid Laurier Herbarium (Biology)

Cuscuta pacifica Costea & M.A.R. Wright, sp. nov., ined [Type]

Dec 29/08

From isotype at NY: U.S.A. California: Humboldt Co., Humboldt Bay near Table Bluff, parasitic on Salicornia ambigua, salt marsh, 28 August 1941, C.C. & S.K. Harris 1175 (holotype: GH; more isotypes: B, DAO, IND, OSC, RSA, UC, US, WLU, and possibly other herbaria because this collection is part of Plantae Exsiccatae Grayanae.

       = Cuscuta salinavar. major Yunck., Illinois Biol. Monogr. 6: 161. 1921. Type: U.S.A. California: Santa Clara Co., Palo Alto, frequent on Salicornia in the marshes, 14 Sep 1901, Baker 41 (holotype: NY; isotypes: CAS, GH).

Submitted for publication to Syst. Bot.


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