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December 11, 2016
Canadian Excellence

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Wilfrid Laurier Herbarium (Biology)

Operculina pteripes

Dec 14/11

Illustration from Curtis’s Botanical Magazine, vol. 88 [ser. 3, vol. 18]: t. 5330. 1862.

Mexico, Sonora, Mpio. Ures, Sierra Mazatán, Jesús Sánchez-Escalante.

Mexico, Yucatan, Campeche, Nov 1973, Daniel Austin.

Mexico: Sonora: Municipio de Yécora 1.1 km (by air) E of Curea. 28.31000°N 109.26806°W, 532 m elev. Rocky hillside. Foothills thornscrub/tropical deciduous forest. 5 Aug 2012, T.R. Van Devender & R.A. Villa.

Mexico, Sonora, E of Alamos, 27 0 13.21 N, 108 47 16.46 W, 10 May 2013, Michael Chamberland


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