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October 20, 2016
Canadian Excellence

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Physics & Computer Science

ACM Regionals 2007

Nov 10/07

They read in a set of Roman numeral values and output their sum as a Roman numeral.  They found integer numbers whose spellings didn't use the letter "e".  They decoded messages. But they couldn't open the circular combination locks within the five hour limit.

Jeff Armstrong, Joe Bruggeman, Olav Jordan, Kyrylo Stepanchuk,  and Dr. Eugene Zima (coach) represented Laurier at the 2007 ACM East Central North America Regional Programming Contest on November 10 2007.  The team placed 17th out of 116 teams improving their 30th place finish from last year.  Their company in the top 20 included computing powerhouses such as Carnegie Mellon and Waterloo and top universities such as Purdue, Toronto, Notre Dame, and Penn State.

The team received a honourable mention prize for placing 5th out of 27 Canadian teams. (For those looking at the standings table, one of the Waterloo teams who placed ahead in the standings was not eligible and, although they appear in the standings, they are not included in the rankings.)


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