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December 4, 2016
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Margaret Walton-Roberts

SSHRC nursing care chain

Oct 6/11

This research will critically explore these issues using the Global Nursing Care Chain (GNCC) concept developed by Yeates, (2004; 2009). The GNCC approach provides a theoretical and a methodological framework for understanding the internationalization of nursing within a critical feminist interpretation of 'care' migration. The purpose of this research is to test and extend the GNCC concept in the case of India using the following four objectives: 1) to incorporate spatiality and skill diversity into global care chain analysis; 2) to trace the historical development of the GNCC in the case of Punjab adn Kerala; 3) assess the relationship between symbolic gender politics and the GNCC in northern adn southern India; and 4) examine how international education and skilled migration are intertwined in the operation of the GNCC using two case studies of transnational nurse training programs with Canadian linkages. A range of methods will be employed to gather data in India and Canada including; surveys of student nurses to assess their characteristics, migration intentions and aspirations; in depth interviews with nursing faculty, government officials, recruiters and employers; and case study analysis of two Indian-based nursing programs with Canadian linkages.


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