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Request for Ethics Review

published: 24-Sep-2004    RTF (0b)    Request_for_Ethics_Review,_Department_of_Religion_and_Culture.rtf

If you are collecting information from people with the use of surveys, questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, participant or naturalistic observation, experimental methods, or you are using secondary data with identifying information, you must submit a “Request for Ethics Review” to either the Laurier Research Ethics Board (REB) or the Department of Religion and Culture Research Ethics Committee for approval before you begin collecting information. Whereas the REB reviews research proposals from faculty members and graduate students, the departmental committee reviews most projects from either individual undergraduate students or from professors seeking blanket approval for field research in undergraduate classes. In classes where blanket approval is granted, it is the faculty member's responsibility to ensure that students (1) understand and agree to abide by the prescribed ethical principles and (2) use the same Information Letter and Consent Form. Such approval must be renewed on a yearly basis. If the letter and form remain the same, no new submission is required. If the undergraduates’ projects are part of a faculty member’s own research program, or if the participants are at greater than minimal risk, requests must be submitted to the university rather than the departmental committee. The standard of minimal risk is commonly defined as follows: If potential subjects can reasonably be expected to regard the probability and magnitude of possible harms implied by participation in the research to be no greater than those encountered by the subject in those aspects of his or her everyday life that relate to the research, then the research can be regarded as within the range of minimal risk.

If you have questions or need help, please contact the instructor of your course.  Additional help is available in the Religion and Culture office, where there is a binder containing examples of approved requests for ethics review. You may find it helpful to look at some of them as you begin filling out your own request. Please use this version of the “Request for Ethics Review; it is the same as the university's form except it has been modified slightly for departmental use.


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