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Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Doctoral - Annual Progress Report

published: 07-Jun-2007    PDF (116kb)    PROGRESS_PHD_ADVISOR_REV2014.pdf

Each doctoral student is required to submit to his/her advisor, by April 15 annually, a progress report (see INSTRUCTIONS below for the required contents of the student's report).

This report will be reviewed by the student's advisor and commented upon by the full advisory committee (using the above form). The full report (which includes both the student's statement and the advisor's submission) is then reviewed and acknowledged  (by signature) by the student and the program's Graduate Officer.

The full report, including the student's submission, is due in the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, by June 1, annually.

NOTICE OF COLLECTION OF PRIVATE INFORMATION:  Wilfrid Laurier University collects personal information under the authority of the Wilfrid Laurier University Act.  Personal information collected by any part of the University may be used by other units in order to execute the various functions of the University and to administer the various relations between the University and its students, alumni, employees, clients, suppliers, partners, and others.  Visit our privacy coordinator's web-page at for more examples of potential uses of your personal information.  Questions may be directed to the coordinator at or 519-884-0710, ext 3637.

If the student holds a multi-year external scholarship (eg TriCouncil), this completed report will be used to confirm progression for continued eligibility and may be released to the granting agency if required for audit purposes.

INSTRUCTIONS:  this report must be typewritten and can be produced using any software program. The report must answer the following 8 questions and include your name and Laurier student ID number. The report must be submitted to your advisor by April 15, annually. Late submission of this report may result in a delay of your financial support from the university.


  1. Note your name, WLU ID number, academic department, and identify the term in which you started the doctoral program.
  2. Provide details of your progress since your last report (or, if this is your first report, toward meeting your degree requirements since the beginning the program). Specifically, identify courses completed, comprehensive examination preparation/writing/oral defense, thesis proposal, research, chapters written/revised, etc. Discuss any challenges you may have had in making progress since your last report.
  3. Indicate all scholarships you have applied for since last May 1 (or, if this is your first report, since your entry into the program). Distinguish between those you "applied for" and those you were "awarded". Provide dollar values for those you were awarded.
  4. List any conference presentations and publications you have contributed to since last May 1 (or, if this is your first report, since your entry into the program). Distinguish between "refereed" and "non-refereed", "invited", "contributed", etc.
  5. Identify any leadership or co-curricular activities, and/or relevant paid employmentyou have undertaken since last May 1 (or, if this is your first report, since your entry into the program), such as ASPIRE workshops, volunteer opportunities on campus, etc.
  6. List your specific goals for next year: make reference to the program requirements, such as specific courses, comprehensive examination, thesis, etc. Indicate the expected dates for completion of these goals.
  7. Indicate any leadership or co-curricular activities and/or relevant paid employment you expect to participate in next year and how you expect them to contribute to your academic and professional development. 
  8. What is your anticipated date for the completion of all degree requirements?

Submit this report accompanied by the printed form (.pdf document above), to your advisor by April 15.


updated April 16/14