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June 24, 2017
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Provost & Vice-President: Academic

Instructional Assistant Hours of Work Form

published: 06-Apr-2009    PDF (22kb)    IA_Hrs_of_Work_form.pdf

At the beginning of each term, supervisors shall meet with her/his IA(s) for advance discussion of the work expected, the methods to be used in evaluating the IAs work, and the scheduling of duties throughout the term.  IA duties extend from the date lectures begin until the due date for course marks and may be distributed unevenly over the term.  Anticipated excessive fluctuations shall be clearly identified at the time of course assignment.  The supervisor and IA will prepare a written summary of the hours to be worked using the preferred University form (Supervisor and Classroom/Laboratory Assistant Employee Hours of Work Form).  Signed copies of the written summary will be kept on file with the applicable department, the supervisor and the student.  In the case of graduate students, a copy of the written summary will also be kept by the Office of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


updated April 06/09