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October 26, 2016
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Lyle S. Hallman Faculty of Social Work

PhD Part-time Program Plan for Completion of Required Courses

Please complete the following form by August 31th of the year you enter the Part-time Program. Your plan needs to be approved by the Associate Dean: PhD Program. Any changes at a later date should also be approved. Please refer to the recommended Part-Time course schedule.
It is recommended that course work be completed by the end of Term 7 and that students are registered in SK893 Comprehensive Examination during terms 8 11. Required Courses SK701 -Multivariate Analysis for Social Work Research (Spring) SK702 -Advanced Qualitative & Quantitative Methods in Social Work Research (Fall) SK790 -Social Work Thought & Theory Development (Fall) SK791 -Epistemology and the Nature of Social Work Knowledge (Fall) SK805 - Qualitative Research Methods (Winter) SK894- Writing for Publication (Fall) SK820- Doctoral Seminar (Fall) One Elective Optional Course: SK699 Statistics for Social Work Research (Winter) Note: SK702 must be taken before SK805.
Term 1 (Fall) *:
Term 2 (Winter)*:
Term 3 (Spring)*:
Term 4 (Fall)*:
Term 5 (Winter)*:
Term 6 (Spring)*:
Term 7 (Fall)*:
Terms 8 -11 (Winter, Spring, Fall,Winter)*:
Terms 12-21 (30 months, two and a half years)*:
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