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September 26, 2016
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Portfolio Colloquium Evaluation Tool

published: 19-Dec-2011    PDF (100kb)    Portfolio_Colloquium_Feedback_Form.pdf

Students in the courses-only option will prepare and present a 10-15 minute presentation on their progress on at least two of the program goals at a Portfolio Colloquium to be held during the studentsí second year in the program. Students will present to incoming MEd students enrolled in the EU 501 course.   Formative peer feedback by two faculty evaluators will be provided using the Portfolio Feedback Evaluation Tool. A copy of this form is included as Appendix B. Copies of completed forms will be retained in studentsí official files.

The Portfolio Colloquium is a progression requirement. If students are uncertain whether or not they will pursue the courses-only option or thesis option by the time the Portfolio Colloquium will take place, students are advised to complete the Portfolio Colloquium as it is a progression requirement and will not be offered independently.


updated November 01/12