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Student Request to Withdraw from Program

published: 19-Aug-2011    PDF (487kb)    StudentWithdrawalForm1314.pdf

Voluntary Withdrawal
Students may withdraw voluntarily, without academic penalty, prior to deadlines published in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar (see Academic Dates for the appropriate terms).  It is recommended that students consult with the Deanís Office before withdrawing. In such cases, the students must drop all their courses on LORIS and make arrangements with the Faculty of Education Technical Support office for the return or purchase of their laptop in order to withdraw from the program and the University. Students wishing to return after having withdrawn completely must reapply through the Ontario Universitiesí Application Centre (OUAC) by the application deadline.

Temporary Withdrawal
Student requests for temporary withdrawal from the program will be considered only under serious medical circumstances or for compassionate reasons. If a temporary withdrawal is granted, credit will be given for any courses for which all requirements have been completed.  Depending on the timing of the withdrawal, credit for field days and block practicum placements may not be granted.  The student must withdraw from the University and may not attend their PDS site for the remainder of the academic year without the approval of the PDS principal and the Field Experience Officer.  In the subsequent academic year, the student may be assigned to a new PDS site for the year.  The student must register in and complete all courses which were not completed successfully in their initial year in the program.

Students should normally meet with the Dean or Associate Dean and/or the Field Experience Officer before making a formal request for temporary withdrawal from the program, in order to discuss their situation and options. When requesting a temporary withdrawal from the program, students must submit to the Deanís Office a written request indicating the reason why a temporary withdrawal is being requested and, if the reason is a medical concern, a medical certificate and any other documentation that may be relevant in supporting their request. Students must contact the Deanís Office at least six weeks prior to the term registration period to confirm their intention to return to the program.


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