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May 25, 2017
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Risk Management Certificate Course Evaluation

Online course evaluation form for Risk Management Certificate courses.
Please indicate the course your are completing this evaluation for:
Do you feel the course has achieved its overall objective:
Please rate the appropriateness of the exercises and program activities to your learning needs:
Please rate your instructor's depth of knowledge in the subject area:
Please rate your instructor's ability to meet the learning expectations of the students:
Please rate your instructor's ability to engage and respond to student inquiry:
Please rate your instructor's ability to stimulate and manage student discussion:
Please rate your instructor's clarity and thoroughness of feedback in repsonse to student inquiry:
To what extent did you find that your instructor was interested in your learning (e.g., listening to your concerns, following up with issues raised in class, responsiveness to your learning needs) :
Please describe the workload for this course:
Overall in this course, you feel you have learned:
Would you recommend this course to someone else (e.g., colleague, family, friend):
Please rate this course as a whole, overall:
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