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October 21, 2016
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Tuition/Late Registration Fee Appeal

IMPORTANT INFORMATION-Please read before completing the online form. This form is NOT to be used to petition late payment fees. Contact Service Laurier at

Tuition/Late Registration Fee Appeals are processed in order of date received. The decision of the committee will only be communicated to your Laurier email address. Petitions will not be considered if there is outstanding, official supporting documentation and incomplete forms will be returned.

  • The policies and procedures regarding Fees are listed in the Financial Services section, and deadline dates and corresponding fees for dropping or withdrawing are listed in the Academic Dates section of the online Academic Calendars.
  • Students are solely responsible for ensuring that their registration is complete and accurate.
  • Tuition/Late Registration Fee Appeals will not be considered for any circumstance arising from an error on registration.
  • Lack of attendance in a course(s) is insufficient grounds for a tuition appeal.
  • Students are advised to pay their accounts in full so that interest charges do not accrue and so that access to LORIS is not denied. If your appeal is approved, these charges will be reversed. However, if your appeal is denied, interest charges will apply.

If, due to extenuating circumstances (ie., medical or bereavement), students wish to appeal the assessment of tuition fees relating to dropped course(s) or withdrawal from the University, a Tuition/Late Registration Fee Appeal Form must be completed, official supporting documentation attached or scanned to  or to our confidential fax, clearly marked Tuition Fee Appeal (519-884-8826). Normally, tuition fee appeals must be filed with the Office of Enrolment Services no later than 14 calendar days following the last day of regularly scheduled classes in the relevant term. After this time period, only tuition appeals based on medical incapacity or bereavement and accompanied by official supporting documentation will be considered. No appeal of any kind will be considered after six months from the last day of the term to which the disputed charges apply.

To facilitate the processing of the tuition fee appeal, the extenuating circumstances and related details must be indicated in the space provided, and official documentary evidence must follow this online petition by scanning to  or faxing to 519-884-8826 clearly marked Tuition Fee Appeal. If you are appealing your fees based on medical grounds, the official Supporting Medical Documentation form must be completed by your attending physician (if not already on file with an approved University department as indicated on the form) and returned as indicated on the form.

All appeals will be reviewed using the following guidelines:

  1. A student is considered to be registered, and is responsible for fees, once courses have been selected using LORIS. University policy states that students are financially indebted to the University for fees unless registration is cancelled, in writing, prior to the commencement of classes each term. After classes begin, fees are charged according to the list of Academic Dates in the online Academic Calendars.

  2. Account adjustments, if petition is approved, will be based on last date of participation in the course(s) and will be pro-rated, by week (see chart below), to the last date you participated in the course.

  3. All tuition penalties for dropped courses are calculated based on the Course Rate. The Course Rate  is equivalent to the cost of 1.0 credits as approved by the Board of Governors (refer to the Fees section). Note: full-time student tuition is capped at a maximum rate and results in a discounted rate of tuition being charged on some courses. Penalties are calculated based on Course Weight multiplied by the Course Rate, not on the discounted tuition fee. You should contact Service Laurier for a complete explanation of your financial account.

  4. Incidental, Online Learning and miscellaneous fees are not refundable.

The following chart is ONLY used for appeals that have been approved by the Tuition Fee Appeals Committee. If your appeal has been denied, the official deadline dates and corresponding fee penalties listed in the Academic Dates, are applied to your financial account. Incidental and miscellaneous fees are not refundable (including OC fees).

Charge is pro-rated to time participated in course(s)
 Week Dropped/Withdrawn from the University
 0% First Week
 10% Second Week
 20% Third Week
Fourth Week
 40% Fifth Week
Sixth Week
Seventh Week
Eighth Week
Ninth Week to End of Term

Laurier Email Account
Our official means of communication is with your Laurier email accountStudents are expected to regularly check their Laurier email account for important notices from the university community. Students are required to send emails to official members of the university community from their Laurier email account in order to verify authenticity and ensure delivery. Emails sent from non-Laurier accounts, such as hotmail, may be identified as spam and not delivered. Furthermore, it is impossible to determine whether the emails received from these non-Laurier accounts are coming from the person they claim to be from. Your co-operation is appreciated.

Notice of  Collection of Personal Information
Personal information is collected under the authority of the Wilfrid Laurier University Act and privacy policies to administer the university-student relationship. For more information about how your information is used, collected and shared, visit

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