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October 19, 2017
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Cheque Requisition

published: 22-Feb-2007    XLSX (57kb)    CHEQUE_REQUISITION-MARCH_2016.xlsx

Faculty or staff may occasionally require a payment from the University to cover specific transactions completed in the process of conducting University business. These may include:

a. Petty cash reimbursements;
b. reimbursement for incidental purchases*;
c. transfers of funds and payment of expenses to individuals;
d. other miscellaneous payments from a balance sheet account.

Do not use this form for meeting & hospitality, travel or participant related payments. This includes conference registration fees, transportation, accommodations, food & beverage purchases, etc.

For the following types of payments, the shopLaurier Payment Request form should be used:

a. Payments to companies and institutions;
b. payments of subscriptions and memberships;
c. rent and lease payments;
d. payment for real estate acquisitions and associated incidental costs;
e. deposits and advance payments supported by duly approved purchase orders.

Charges to balance sheet accounts cannot go through shopLaurier.


updated March 18/16