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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
December 10, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Faculty/Staff Listing

Cultural Studies

3-134 Dr. Alvin Woods Building
Phone: 519.884.1970 x2806
Fax: NA

Balan, Dr. Neil
Contract Academic Staff
Boutros, Dr. Alexandra
Associate Professor | Graduate Program Coordinator
Cameron, Dr. Gregory
Contract Academic Staff
Ginn, Colleen
Admin Assistant II
Hagerman, Dr. Brent
CAS - Music and Religion & Culture
Hoang, Sylvia
Intermediate Administrative Assistant V
Hunsinger, Dr. Jeremy
Assistant Professor
Jeffries, Dru
Contract Academic Staff
Pearse, Dr. Holly
Contract Academic Staff
Rambukkana, Dr. Nathan
Assistant Professor
Zinaic, Rade
CAS - Cultural Studies