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September 23, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Faculty/Staff Listing

Laurier Institute for Water Science

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Al-Abadleh, Dr. Hind A.
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Anderson, Dr. Kim
Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies
Baltzer, Dr. Jennifer
Associate Professor & Canada Research Chair in Forests and Global Change
Braun, Gena
Research Instrumentation Technician
Byrne, Dr. Mary-Louise
Decker, Dr. Jody
Associate Professor
DeWitte-Orr, Dr. Stephanie
Assistant Professor, Health Sciences & Biology
English, Dr. Michael
Klee, Dr. Ulysses
CAS Instructor
Latta, Alex
Associate Professor and Chair of Global Studies
Lee, Dr. Lucy
Adjunct Professor
Lister, Andrea
Research Co-ord(Endo & Exotox)
MacLean, Alex
Lab Technician
Marsh, Dr. Philip
Professor and Canada Research Chair in Cold Regions Water Science
McGeer, Dr. Jim
Professor, Biology
Director, Laurier Institute for Water Science
Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Biology
Millerd, Dr. Frank
Professor Emeritus of Economics
Moreno Hagelsieb, Dr. Gabriel
Quinton, Mr. William L.
Associate Professor and Director, Cold Regions Research Centre
Rutherford, Dr. Jane
Associate Professor & Chair, Biology
Slawson, Dr. Robin
Associate Professor, Biology
Slocomb, Dr. Scott
Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
Smith, Dr. Scott
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Stevens, Dr. Kevin
Associate Professor, Biology
Sun, Jiangxiao
Research Instrumentation Technician
Wilkie, Dr. Michael P.
Professor, Biology
Wolfe, Dr. Brent
Professor & Graduate Coordinator