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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
October 28, 2016
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Human Rights & Human Diversity

WarChild to Make Presentation at Laurier Brantford

Open to everyone.
Nov 12/10


Date: Nov 12/10
Time: 13:00
Location: RCW203 (Brantford Research and Academic Centre West)
Cost: Free

The Human Rights & Human Diversity program is proud to bring WarChild Canada's (see "Peace Out, Speak Up!" tour to Laurier Brantford on November 12th at 1 pm. The event will occur in RCW 203. While it will take place in Dr. Ame's Children's Rights class, it's a big room, so everyone is welcome to attend.

The following was provided by WarChild:

"This speaking tour will deepen studentís understanding of social justice by drawing on key global issues that link to core competencies within their chosen field of study.

Since its inception, War Child has engaged more than one million students from thousands of schools across Canada, teaching them about war‐affected children and entreating them to be actors in the global human rights movement. The goal of Peace Out, Speak Up! is to educate post‐secondary students about issues related to war and conflict and its effects on children. The goal of this presentation is to inspire students to engage in social change initiatives on campus.

This speaking tour will educate students about disarmament and human rights issues, in addition to furthering their understanding of the role that NGOs play in the field and here at home through awareness and advocacy initiatives. The aim of this tour is to concretely link the skills necessary for work in the fields of international development and social justice with topics investigated at the post‐secondary level.

Peace Out, Speak Up! will encourage students to get involved on campus and become direct agents of change. Getting involved in campus organizations strengthens studentsí global perspectives. The aim of this tour is to create opportunities for interested students to utilize their knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom by initiating student led events on campus."

Contact: Dr. Robinson
Phone: 519-756-8228 x5743

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