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December 8, 2016
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CAP Lecture: The Path to Discovery - A Tale from the LHC

Mar 26/13


Date: Mar 26/13
Time: 11:30 - 12:30
Location: N2090
Cost: none

The 2013 CAP Lecture at WLU will be presented by physicist Dr. Alison Lister from the University of British Columbia. Dr. Lister is a particle physicist who works at CERN on the Higgs boson project. She is an invited speaker at TEDxWaterloo 2013.

*There will be an informal meet and greet with Dr. Lister at 11:00 a.m. with refreshments. All are welcome.

In particle physics we have a model, called the Standard Model, that can describe all of the experimental evidence so far from colliders. But we know it cannot be the full picture. For example it does not explain the matter dominance over antimatter in our universe and does not tell us what all this so-called Dark Matter is. The LHC was built to try and answer some of these questions, but the most pressing one it is trying to answer is: what is the origin of the mass of fundamental particles? This is where the Higgs comes in, the last missing piece of our Standard Model. In this lecture, using results from the ATLAS experiment, we will follow the story of the LHC from the first collisions, via the discovery of the new particle last summer (is it the Higgs?), through to the open-ended quest for 'what else is out there'.

This talk is at a level suitable for undergraduate students.

Sponsored by:
Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP)
Laurier Dept of Physics and Computer Science
Laurier Centre for Women in Science

Contact: Shohini Ghose
Phone: x2891

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