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October 27, 2016
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Henry A. Giroux "Youth in a Suspect Society: Coming of Age in an Era of Disposability"

Hosted by the Faculty of Social Work, the Faculty of Education and the SIRG
Jan 18/11

Henry A. Giroux
Henry A. Giroux

Date: Jan 18/11
Time: 19:00 - 21:00
Location: Faculty of Social Work Auditorium, Kitchener Campus, 120 Duke Street West, Kitchener
Cost: FREE

Professor Giroux is a founding theorist of critical pedagogy in North America. He is best known for his pioneering work in education, cultural studies, youth studies and critical theory. The author of over 50 books and 350 journal articles, Routledge named Giroux one of the top fifty modern thinkers on education in 2002. Seven of his books have been recognized as significant books of the year by the American Educational Studies Association, most recently The University in Chains (2007) in which he defends higher education as one of the few remaining public spheres capable of fostering the civic values and critical agency needed to sustain a vibrant democratic culture.


Today's youth are facing a crisis unlike any previous generation.  Across North America, young people, especially poor minority youth, are no longer seen as a social investment but as a social problem. Caught between the discourses of consumerism and a powerful crime-control complex, young people are either viewed as commodities and offered a corporatized education, or subjected to the brutal disciplinary apparatus of a lockdown school culture and expanding criminal justice system.  Giroux explores the economic, political and cultural conditions bearing down on youth and their relationship to a logic of disposability that increasingly shapes social and educational policy in the United States and whose influence appears to be growing in Canada. He asks important questions regarding the role that educators, social workers and others can play in addressing the current crisis facing young people.

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