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December 4, 2016
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Annual Teaching Day 2013

How Are Our Students Measuring up? Using Assessment to Align our Practices and Inform our Decisions
Aug 29/13

Date: Aug 29/13
Time: 8:45 - 12:15
Location: Senate & Board Chamber, Waterloo Campus
Cost: Free for Laurier participants/$20 for external guests

Annual Teaching Day1-logo_1.pngHow Are Our Students Measuring up? Using Assessment to Align our Practices and Inform our Decisions

More than an act of accountability, assessment provides us the opportunity to discover how well students are learning based on our instructional approaches and course and program design. How can we use evidence about student learning as the basis for

curricular design, new pedagogies, and educational practices to advance or improve our studentsí learning? Dr. Makiís interactive keynote will an overview of an outcomes-based assessment process that chronologically samples and assesses student work within the context of teaching practices, collaborative agreement about learning outcomes, and criteria and standards of judgment to score student work. This process is driven by intellectual curiosity not only about what students learn (and the obstacles they face as they learn), but also about how they learn and how well they are capable of applying, transferring, and integrating learning into new contexts. 

Dr. Makiís presentation will use case studies from various institutional contexts to illustrate how evidence-based approaches to assessment can lead to changes in instructional practices that improve or advance student learning. As part of the morning session, Laurierís Faculty of Education will showcase their Bachelor of Education assessment plan and how they use the results from this plan to make student-centred curriculum improvements and to determine how well students are meeting their program learning outcomes.

Following the morning keynote, Dr. Maki will meet with department/program curriculum committees on a one-to-one basis to strategize and explore options to further plans directed at assessing program learning outcomes. On Thursday afternoon (August 29th), these appointments will be scheduled at the Waterloo campus and on Friday morning  (August 30th) at the Brantford campus. Curriculum committees interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to meet with Dr. Maki are encouraged to contact Sally Heath ( early to reserve a time slot.

Dr. Maki is an internationally renowned, scholar, author (e.g., Assessing for Learning), higher education consultant, and speaker called upon by state-wide educational consortia, academic institutions, and the American Association of Colleges and Universities
Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Contact: Tara Herriot
Phone: 519.884.0710 ext.3507

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