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December 10, 2016
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Office of Aboriginal Initiatives

WATERLOO CAMPUS: Self Care I care for me Workshop by Hilton King

Mar 16/12

Date: Mar 16/12
Time: 14:00 - 16:00
Location: 187 Albert Street

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Self Care I care for me.

MSW Aboriginal Field of Study Student, Hilton King delivers indigenous wholistic teachings and techniques to use on your path to wellness.


About the Facilitator

Boozhoo, my name is Wahmahtig, I am from the eagle clan and my birth home is Wasauksing First Nation. My English name is Hilton King, I am married and I now live in Kitchener, ON with my wife Kathy.  I am currently studying for my Masters degree in social work at Wilfred Laurier University in the Aboriginal Field of Study program.  I am so grateful for what I have received on this journey. My path has been a long and sometimes difficult however, I have learned that I need to be able to take care of myself and self care is a very important component of our wellness. The Elders tell us creator gave us one vessel for this time on Mother Earth. He also gave us the tools and ways of taking care of ourselves but it is up to us  to utilize these tools.

Wholistic healing to me means taking care of all the four elements of our being, spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. Being aware of our whole being is not hard if we can focus. Letting go of those old patterns and thoughts allows us to do this and sometimes we need help with this. If we can ask for help and feel good about it, we are keeping an open mind. For me, this has been one of my best accomplishments in life. For the longest time, I thought I did not need help. By doing this, I did not realize I was also shutting out creation.

What I have been taught about wellness does not come from me, I am just the facilitator delivering what needs to be passed on. Choice is also a great gift from creator and it is there for our taking so come out and listen, what have you got to lose.

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Phone: 519-884-1970 ext 4190

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