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October 27, 2016
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The Ecology of Committed Care for the Natural World

Speaker: Dr. Louise Chawla
Mar 7/14

Date: Mar 7/14
Time: 2:30 - 4:00
Location: BA201 (Bricker Academic)
Cost: All Welcome

What motivates people to take action to protect the natural world, whether they express environmental concern
through household behaviors like recycling and buying green products or political organizing to preserve a wilderness
area? For more than 30 years, social researchers have been exploring significant life experiences that predict
action for the environment. An environmental and developmental psychologist, Dr. Chawla synthesizes this
research and discusses its implications for environmental education and nature center programming. She places
major research outcomes in the context of ecological psychology, which provides a framework for understanding
results. Dr. Chawla is the author of In the First Country of Places: Nature, Poetry and Childhood Memory and coauthor
and editor of Growing Up in an Urbanising World, as well as many articles and book chapters that explore
the development of action for the environment and effective processes for child and youth participation in planning
and designing sustainable communities.

Contact: Lucy Carreiro
Phone: 3272

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