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December 4, 2016
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Communication Studies

Global Nollywood: The Nigerian Movie Industry and Alternative Global Networks in Production and Distribution

Guest Lecture by Dr. Jade Miller
May 28/13

Date: May 28/13
Time: 9:30
Location: Dr. Alvin Woods Building 3-103
Cost: Free

While Nollywood, Nigeria’s video industry, is largely separate from dominant global cultural industry networks of production inputs and distribution, it is an industry that is still globally linked in a number of ways. In this work, I investigate the nature and layout of these connections via interviews with those populating these networks, from key Nollywood producers to shop owners thousands of miles from Lagos. I conclude that, instead of the formal links of dominant cultural industry networks, these links are mostly via alternative global networks, forged on the flipside of – or the gaps between – the connections that link the Network Society. Some formal international institutions have a presence, but these are largely mediated through Nollywood’s situation in global cultural industry networks. I argue that this renders Nollywood as situated in an alternative media capital, central to alternative networks, while too informal to integrate into dominant networks, and it is from this position that we can best understand Nollywood’s position in global media flows.

Contact: Sylvia Hoang
Phone: 519.884.1970 x 2806

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