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December 11, 2016
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Communication Studies

Critical approach to diasporic media in the multicultural mediascape

Guest Lecture by Dr. Sherry Yu
May 27/13

Date: May 27/13
Time: 9:30
Location: Dr. Alvin Woods Building 3-105
Cost: Free

Canada is one of the most favoured destinations for global migrants. The presence of a foreign-born population is significant and is continually growing, especially in cities like Vancouver and Toronto where over 40% of the population speak languages other than English (Statistics Canada, 2011). Reflecting the growth of these populations is the growth of “diasporic media,” more broadly known as “ethnic media,” amidst the decline of so-called mainstream media. Indeed, this is a general trend found in North America. In the U.S., diasporic media are found to be the only print media sector that has shown recent growth (PEW, 2006). This growing media sector, however, is largely underrepresented in the broader media system. Canadian media directories list only a small portion of diasporic media outlets operating across Canada. Added to the ongoing underrepresentation of minorities in mainstream media, access to diasporic media for a broader audience is limited. Such underrepresentation is increasingly a concern when considered in relation to the informed decision-making needed for the proper exercise of citizenship. Are we in a situation where so-called mainstream media serve only half of the population, while the rest resort to their own ethnic language media? This presentation opens a discussion of prospects and challenges for creating an interculturally integrated media system by examining diasporic media in the multicultural mediascape in Canada. Structural and institutional conditions that govern production and distribution of diasporic media are discussed, with a case study on the rapidly growing Korean media sector in Vancouver.

Contact: Sylvia Hoang
Phone: 519.884.1970 x 2806

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