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December 10, 2016
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Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Dissertation Examination for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in English and Film Studies

Aug 27/13

Date: Aug 27/13
Time: 14:30 - 17:30
Location: 1-102J Graduate Studies Conference Room
Cost: Free

Elizabeth Clarke

War and the Sexes: Gender and American Film, 1898-1927 

Dr. K. Behrendt, Chair
Dr. P. Gates, Advisor
Dr. K. Spring, Committee   
Dr. C. Bold, Committee
Dr. P. Heyer, Internal/External
Dr. L. Midkiff DeBauche (Wisconsin-Stevens Point), External

Dissertation will be on deposit in the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and available for perusal.

Contact: Mike Bittle
Phone: 4718

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