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December 7, 2016
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Susan Johnson

2002-03 EC: The Impact of Mandatory Votes on the Canada-U.S. Density Gap: An Empirical Investigation (working paper)

Johnson, S.

published: 2002 | Research publication | Working Paper - Economics

ABSTRACT:  This paper provides empirical evidence concerning the impact of mandatory representation votes on the Canada-U.S. union density gap. Simulation, based on a stock-flow growth accounting identity of union membership, is the method used for the analysis. Certification success rates and application rates are adjusted to reflect the presence/absence of mandatory representation votes using results from Johnson (2002). It is discovered that the increasing use of mandatory votes across Canadian jurisdictions has narrowed the gap by about one percentage point. Differences between existing union recognition procedures in Canada and the U.S. account for at least 3 to 5 percentage points of the gap in 1998.

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