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October 27, 2016
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Maria Gallego


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Maria Gallego

Economic Performance and Leadership Accountability: An Econometric Analysis (ABSTRACT)

Gallego, M.

published: 1998 | Research publication | Refereed Journals - Economics

Gallego, M. (1998). "Economic Performance and Leadership Accountability: An Econometric Analysis". Economics and Politics, 10 (3), 249-296.

ABSTRACT:  Logit models of leadership duration test whether different agents are responsible for constitutional and unconstitutional transfers of power. Lagged values of per capita real investment have a significantly negative impact on unconstitutional transitions. This suggests that the elites of less developed countries determine the timing of unconstitutional transfers as they are the ones with investment capabilities. Lagged values of per capita real consumption are associated with the well-being of an average citizen. However, consumption exerts an unexpected positive influence on constitutional transitions when political regime differences are not taken into account. This significant effect disappears with the inclusion of parliamentary and presidential regime dummies.

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