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October 28, 2016
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Rolf Seringhaus


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Rolf Seringhaus

Firm Experience and International Trade Fairs (ABSTRACT)

Seringhaus, R., & Rosson, P.

published: 2001 | Research publication | Refereed Journals - Marketing

Seringhaus, R., & Rosson, P. (2001). "Firm Experience and International Trade Fairs". Journal of Marketing Management, 17 (7-8), 877-901.

ABSTRACT:  This paper examines the behaviour of firms at international trade fairs (ITF). It advances the idea that prior ITF exhibiting experience shapes practice and performance. ITF usage is used as a proxy for experience and two groups identified—"heavy users" and "light users." Propositions are developed and tested on data collected from 303 Canadian companies. Key findings are that (1) fair selection practices appear to differ only marginally between heavy and light ITF users, whereas (2) exhibit planning and management practices, and (3) performance levels, differ sharply between heavy and light ITF users. Thus, experience impacts on ITF planning and management practices, and on performance levels, but less so on ITF selection.

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