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December 4, 2016
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Lisa Keeping

Performance appraisal reaction: Measurement, modeling, and method bias (ABSTRACT)

Keeping, L.M., & Levy, P.E.

published: 2000 | Research publication | Refereed Journals - MOB

Keeping, L.M., & Levy, P.E. (2000). "Performance appraisal reaction: Measurement, modeling, and method bias". Journal of Applied Psychology, 85 (5), 708-723.

ABSTRACT:  This study attempted to comprehensively examine the measurement of performance appraisal reactions. They first investigated how well the reaction scales, representative of those used in the field, measured their substantive constructs. A confirmatory factor analysis indicated that these scales did a favorable job of measuring appraisal reactions, with a few concerns. It was also found that the data fit a higher order appraisal reactions model. In contrast, as nested model where the reaction constructs were operationalized as one general factor did not adequately fit the data. Finally, the notion that self-report data are affectively driven for the specific case of appraisal reactions were tested, using the techniques delineated by Williams, Gavin, and Williams (1996). Results indicated that neither positive nor negative affect presented method biases in the reaction measures, at either the measurement or construct levels.

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