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December 5, 2016
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Kalyani Menon


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Kalyani Menon

Ensuring greater satisfaction by engineering salesperson response to customer emotions (ABSTRACT)

Menon, K., & Dubé, L.

published: 2000 | Research publication | Refereed Journals - Marketing

Menon, K., & Dubé, L. (2000). "Ensuring greater satisfaction by engineering salesperson response to customer emotions". Journal of Retailing, 76 (3), 285-307.

ABSTRACT:  A framework is developed and empirically investigated to help retail managers engineer effective salesperson response to customer emotions and ensure greater satisfaction. It is argued that managers must be familiar with: 1. diagnostic cues for assessing emotion-eliciting contexts and how customers generally display these emotions; 2. the normative salesperson responses that customers expect to their different emotions; 3. and the naturally occurring responses from the salesperson as observed by the customers. It is found that observed salesperson response that positively disconfirms customers' normative expectations will lead to greater customer satisfaction across positive and negative emotions. Based on the results, it is believed that detailed planning of more interpersonal aspects of a retail strategy may be as crucial to customer satisfaction and repeat purchase as the planning of store layout and merchandise.

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