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December 6, 2016
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Hamid Noori

2003-01 ODS: e-Portal Improves Time-to-Market for the Hong Kong Watch making Industry (Working Paper Abstract)

Noori, H., Lee, W.B., & Lau, F.

published: 2003 | Research publication | Working Paper - ODS

ABSTRACT:  With the availability of more capable software and the rapid use of Internet technology, a new form of dispersed network manufacturing is emerging which will reshape the way manufacturing is done and which will have far-reaching implications in the organization of work. The foundation of this article is based on our on-going research on digital factory and enterprise integration and specifically reports on the project we have completed for the watchmaking industry in Hong Kong. It discusses the development of a portal-based information exchange system for the design, manufacturing and distribution of customized products for the watchmaking industry in Hong Kong. The e-portal serves as an enabling tool for the industry to share information instantly and globally among all the participants in the value chain and presents an unprecedented opportunity for a wider industrial collaboration among them. The portal offers flexibility to "change by design" and creates distinctive knowledge for the members, allowing them to address the challenges of fast response product development and manufacturing and hence better compete in an industry characterized by a mature market.

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