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October 28, 2016
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David Blenkhorn


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David Blenkhorn

Teaching Competitive Intelligence to North American and Overseas Audiences: A World of Difference in Pedagogical Effectiveness"

D. L. Blenkhorn and C. S. Fleisher

published: 2010 | Research publication | Refereed Journals - Marketing

Blenkhorn, D. L., &  C. S. Fleisher (2010), "Teaching Competitive Intelligence to North American and Overseas Audiences:  A World of Difference in Pedagogical Effectiveness", Journal of Teaching in International Business, 21(4), 266-281.

ABSTRACT: This paper contrasts teaching methodologies and pedagogical effectiveness in executive development programs delivered in North America and three diverse regions of the world. Based on the authors’ collective teaching experience exceeding 40 years encompassing over 24 countries, and augmented by a review of the literature, a theoretical model is posited addressing 10 criteria deemed discerning when executive development programs are delivered in diverse locales around the globe, with the aim of improving the effectiveness of teaching and learning. 

Download: PDF (171k)    Blenkhorn_&_Fleisher_Teaching_Competitive_Intelligence_Skills_to_North_American_Audiences__A_World_of_Difference_in_Pedagogical_Effectiveness__Dec_14_2010.pdf

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