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December 4, 2016
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Chet Robie


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Chet Robie

Measurement equivalence of a personality inventory administered on the internet versus a kiosk (ABSTRACT)

Robie, C., & Brown, D. J.

published: 2007 | Research publication | Refereed Journals - OB/HRM

Robie, C., & Brown, D.J. (2006). "Measurement equivalence of a personality inventory administered on the internet versus a kiosk", Applied HRM Research 11 (2), 97-106.

ABSTRACT: This study examined the measurement equivalence of a personality inventory across Internet and kiosk modes of administration. A large nationwide sample of data was collected from a range of industries. The analyses indicated no evidence of differential item functioning across modes of administration. A higher percentage of men, Whites, and Asians chose the Internet mode. Those in the Internet sample were more likely to disclose their race/ethnicity than those in the kiosk sample. Scale reliabilities and intercorrelations appeared to be unaffected by mode of administration. Two of the three Big Five scales (conscientiousness and agreeableness) evidenced small mean differences across mode of administration. A standard deviation difference between the Internet and kiosk samples emerged for the emotional stability scale. Finally, we found no evidence of main or interactive (with mode) effects for race or gender on the personality scores. Implications for faking on personality tests and comparisons to previous findings in the area of measurement equivalence are discussed.


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