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December 10, 2016
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Bruce McConomy

Productivity in 'top-ten" academic accounting journals by researchers at Canadian universities (ABSTRACT)

Mathieu, R., & McConomy, B.

published: 2003 | Research publication | Refereed Journals - Accounting

Mathieu, R., & McConomy, B. (2003). "Productivity in 'top-ten" academic accounting journals by researchers at Canadian universities". Canadian Accounting Perspectives, 2 (1), 43-76.

ABSTRACT:  The research productivity of academic accountants at Canadian universities for the 11-year period 1990-2000 is examined. The analysis is based on the "top-ten" ranked refereed journals in accounting, auditing, and taxation, as documented by Brown and Huefner (1994). An overview of the importance of publishing in highly ranked accounting journals for individual academics, departments, and business faculties. Details are then provided of the proportion of articles published in each of these journals by academics from Canadian universities; the type of research published in each journal; and details of editorial board service. Results indicate that even at the most productive Canadian university, faculty members publish approximately one article every 7 years. Six Canadian universities have faculty members with, on average, more than one article in "top-ten" journals every 10 years.

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