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October 28, 2016
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Lucy Lee

Development and partial characterization of two cell lines derived from pituitaries of adult Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar

The Bulletin, MDI Biological Laboratory V. 50:69-72
Nguyen T.K. Vo, Michael S. Mikhaeil, and Lucy E.J. Lee

published: 2011 | Research publication | Recent Publications

Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, are highly valued fish for both fisheries and aquaculture in Canada and world-wide. Growth and reproduction in this species have been widely studied and factors regulating their life cycle including somatic growth, sexual maturation and reproduction, spawning, smoltification have been extensively investigated. However, the molecular mechanisms controlling expression of the hormones involved in these processes are largely unknown. Pituitary cell cultures could be valuable for elucidating these mechanisms, and cell lines derived from this teleost‘s pituitary could make significant impacts in understanding growth and hormonal regulation as well as endocrine disruption by environmental contaminants. Here we report on the development of two continuous cell lines derived from adult Atlantic salmon pituitary and their preliminary characteristics

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