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December 10, 2016
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2003-08 EC: Some Benefits Of Reducing Inflation In Transition Economies (Working Paper)

Blaszkiewicz, M., Konieczny, J., Myslinska, A., & Wozniak, P.

published: 2003 | Research publication | Working Paper - Economics

ABSTRACT  We apply Feldstein’s (1997, 1999) analysis of the interactions between the tax system and inflation to two transition economies: Poland and Ukraine. We find that the tax-related costs of inflation in these countries are significantly smaller than in mature market economies. Our analysis points out that the tax system in these two transition economies is superior to the tax system in developed market economies, as taxes on investment income are lower. It implies that transition countries should avoid replicating other tax systems and, instead, take advantage of the unique opportunity to design and entrench the features of their tax system which are superior to those in mature economies.

JEL classification numbers: P34, P44, H21, E31

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