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October 26, 2016
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Terry Mitchell

Building Effective Community-University Partnerships: Are Universities Really Ready?

Eckerle Curwood, S., Munger, F., Mitchell, T., MacKeigan, M. & Farrar, A.

published: 2011 | Research publication | Community Engaged Scholarship

Community service learning and community-based research necessitate the development of strong community-
university partnerships. In this paper, students, faculty, and a community partner critically reflect
upon the process of establishing a long-term community-university partnership through the integration
of a community service learning component into a doctoral program in Community Psychology, thereby
offering graduate students the opportunity to engage in long-term community-based research. This
reflection reveals the importance of assessing university readiness at the pre-partnership stage, and of
ensuring that academics and their institutions are not only willing, but also able, to engage in effective
community research partnerships. The authors propose a practical framework for considering university
readiness in the form of a series of questions that allows faculty, programs, or institutions considering
partnership with a community group to reflect upon their own collaboration readiness.

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